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Lakeview Hospital is a nonprofit clinic and hospital system that aims to improve health and well-being in partnership with its members, patients and community.


Lakeview Hospital learned about food waste recycling at a workshop sponsored by Ramsey and Washington Counties in partnership with Presbyterian Homes and Services.  The workshop took place at Boutwells Landing, a senior housing and services campus located in Oak Park Heights. Boutwells had been operating a successful food waste recycling program for some time, and Lakeview Hospital had the opportunity to observe it for themselves.

Lakeview Hospital decided that they needed to add food waste recycling to their waste management system, but they needed help.

How We Helped

Lakeview Hospital worked with one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts to design a food waste recycling program. They decided to do a food-to-hogs program. Food waste is collected in 32-gallon containers with lids and wheels to provide a lift-free collection system. Food prep waste, plate waste, and outdated food is dumped into the containers.

In addition to the food-to-hogs program, the Recycling Experts helped Lakeview Hospital improve their regular recycling. They received a BizRecycling Grant to purchase a single-sort recycling compactor. They also purchased new recycling containers and added labels to clarify what materials can be recycled.


Thanks to the recycling compactor, Lakeview Hospital reduced their recycling pickups from 16 times a month to two. This change not only helped the hospital save money, it also helped them increase their recycling collection to nearly 60 tons a year.

Kelly Dalton, Lakeview Hospital Environmental Services Manager, says, “The BizRecycling grant program helped Lakeview Hospital relieve stress on a waste management system that was stretched to the limit.”

The food-to-hogs program is also successful. On average, Lakeview Hospital diverts six barrels of food waste a week. This adds up to about 4,500 pounds of food waste a month. During Lakeview Hospital’s first year of their improved recycling programs, they saved $3,800 in garbage hauling and disposal costs.


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