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La Cabana is a restaurant located in East Side St. Paul.


In 2016, Juana Gallegos, the owner of La Cabana, worked with our recycling experts to identify opportunities to reduce the restaurant’s waste. While the restaurant was recycling used cooking oil and had some reusable dishes, Juana wanted to do more by starting a single stream/ organics recycling and switching to reusable dishware. The reusable dishes were being washed by hand which was time and labor intensive for the small business.

How We Helped

In addition to getting color-coded recycling and organics bins, La Cabana requested a dishwasher. The installation of the dishwasher allowed them to transition more fully away from disposable dishware and embrace reusable alternatives. At the same time, La Cabana started single stream recycling and organics recycling.


Now equipped with a 6 yard recycling dumpster, a 2 yard organics dumpster, and 55 gallon used cooking oil collection, the restaurant has been able to reduce their trash pickup from 2 times per week to once a week.

The BizRecycling grant also helped the business fund a 6 month supply of certified-compostable beverage straws as well as compostable bag liners for the indoor organics bins. As a result of the program, La Cabana has been successful in diverting 21,840 pounds of food waste and 18,304 pounds of recyclable materials from the landfill.

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