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KinderCare of Maplewood is a part of a national chain of learning centers for children. The learning center values community and a balanced approach to learning.


KinderCare did not have a recycling program. They wanted to add recycling services, but were concerned about the size of their dumpster enclosure. They contacted BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert paid a visit to KinderCare. They helped KinderCare confirm with their waste hauler that there was adequate space in the dumpster enclosure for a recycling dumpster.

As KinderCare rolled out their new recycling program, our Recycling Experts helped them implement best practices. This meant pairing every trash receptacle with a recycling bin, and using easy-to-understand signs and labels.


By adding a 4-yard recycling dumpster, KinderCare was able to cut their trash service in half. They are recycling over 28,000 pounds of material a year.

The children are having no trouble adjusting to the new program. “It has been really fun to see the children get excited about recycling and the positive effect that it has on the environment,” said KinderCare Director Mindy Peterson.



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