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Jerry’s Foods owns and operates five grocery locations (four Cub Foods and one Jerry’s Foods) within Ramsey and Washington Counties.


In 2017 and 2018 Jerry’s leadership chose to implement comprehensive recycling programs at all five locations in Ramsey and Washington Counties which in turn would bring improvements to improve environmental sustainability throughout the organization.

After meeting with our recycling specialists to develop an implementation plan, Jerry’s Foods worked closely with their trash hauler to ensure that the infrastructure was available to achieve their ambitious waste reduction goals.

How We Helped

Jerry’s Foods received BizRecycling grant funding for each of their locations to obtain color coded bins, industry standard signage, and infrastructure improvements including exhaust fans that would allow them to collect organic recycling and single stream recycling in an efficient manner without causing odor issues.

Additionally, Jerry’s foods is engaging their customers with organics recycling for paper towels in the restrooms and supplying single stream recycling opportunities at store entrances and near checkout lines. The recycling experts also visited every department and spoke with hundreds of Jerry’s Foods employees to answer questions and troubleshoot any initial problems that people were having.



Once the programs were in place, stores were diverting anywhere from 165,000 to 311,000 pounds of organics material annually and an additional 27,000 to 54,000 pounds of new single stream recycling annually.

“The program is going really well overall,” commented Store Director Tony Peterson, “we need to continually train our employees in order to achieve success, but it is the right way to go for the environment.” All told, these stores are combining to divert nearly 1.3 million pounds of material from the trash every year!

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