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The James J Hill Center is a non-profit business center in the heart of downtown Saint Paul.


When the office manager at the James J Hill Center wanted to have their trash-hauling services re-bid, they also decided to look into making changes to their recycling service. As part of this process, they reached out to the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited the James J Hill Center to learn about their waste stream. Since the James J Hill Center was already in the process of adjusting their trash and recycling hauling contracts, it was a matter of making sure that their collection bins were up to snuff.

One of the improvements that the James J Hill Center made was to add an organics collection program. This necessitated new green organics collection bins and compostable bin liners. A BizRecycling grant paid for new bins throughout the facility, including custom trash and recycling receptacles to coordinate with the building’s historic interior.

In addition to the new bins, our Recycling Expert conducted training sessions to educate everyone on the new system, including the caterers and others who use the space. The caterers were on board with the new organics recycling system, and our Recycling Expert helped answer any questions they had.


The new and improved recycling programs at the James J Hill Center were enthusiastically received. The new organics program is diverting over 15 tons of material from the landfill every year. In addition, the James J Hill Center is saving over $8,000 a year on hauler costs. But perhaps most importantly, the James J Hill Center says that they have a better relationship with their waste hauler.

Office manager Ross Jamison told us, “The whole process was easy. We received huge rewards from minimal effort.”

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