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Jadé Salon is a small hair salon located in Oakdale offering services from experienced and passionate staff.


Jadé Salon is housed in a multi-tenant building. They and other building tenants were interested in adding recycling services. They reached out to one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited Jadé Salon to learn about the business, and about the building. They recommended that the salon approach the building’s manager about adding a single-sort recycling program.

One of the employees of Jadé Salon spoke to the building’s property manager about tenants’ interest in adding recycling. The property manager connected with their trash hauler, who offered to add a recycling program with no increased cost.

Our Recycling Expert confirmed that used salon product bottles and used hair-dying-foil could be recycled. This allowed Jadé to add these items to their recycling, which also includes paper, a large volume of cardboard and miscellaneous bottles and cans.

The salon created signs to place on the store’s trash and recycling bins. The visuals helped the employees to understand what items could be recycled.


Adding recycling has greatly reduced the amount of trash the salon produces. Staff are pleased to be able to recycle, and have been very enthusiastic about the new program.

The salon told us; “The stylists were really responsive and excited about it. It’s a straightforward way to be a more responsible business, so you’re making your employees happy.”

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