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J. Selby’s is a plant-based eatery in Saint Paul.


When J. Selby’s was preparing to open, they wanted to make sure that they were doing everything they could to make their restaurant environmentally friendly. They reached out to one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert worked with J. Selby’s to plan the optimum placement of recycling, organics and trash bins throughout the restaurant. Once they had a plan, our Recycling Expert helped J. Selby’s apply for BizRecycling grants.

BizRecycling provided grant funding to purchase color-coded recycling, organics and trash bins for use inside of the restaurant, as well as an enclosure outside to house the dumpsters. Our Recycling Expert provided staff training. BizRecycling also provided grant funds for J. Selby’s to purchase a 6-month supply of compostable bags and to-go packaging.


J. Selby’s shares their dumpsters with the business next door as well as the apartments above the restaurant. Since J. Selby’s opened in April of 2017, they have needed to add five pickups per week for the recycling. They also needed to double the number of organics pickups. The trash collection, meanwhile, has remained stable.

Since they planned their restaurant with reduced waste and optimized recycling and organics, J. Selby’s is recycling or composting about 90% of the restaurant’s waste. This is estimated to be about 25 tons of recyclables and 30 tons of organics a year.

Owner Matt Clayton told us, “Like the plant-based diet, recycling and composting also benefit the environment and help reduce our carbon footprint.”

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