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IPS Cranes manufactures new locomotive cranes, rebuilds and repairs existing locomotive and crawler cranes, and supplies replacement parts for cranes.


IPS Cranes contacted BizRecycling for help improving recycling efforts at their corporate office and distribution warehouse in Vadnais Heights.

Although they had a single-sort recycling program in place, they felt they could recycle better. IPS Cranes also wanted to reduce waste at the source by moving away from disposable dishes and cutlery.

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected IPS Cranes with one of our Recycling Experts. They visited the business to do a complete waste assessment. Our Recycling Expert found that a fair amount of recyclable material, including plastic film, was ending up in the trash. They helped connect IPS Cranes with a local company, Merrick Inc., which recycles plastic film.

Our Recycling Expert also helped IPS Cranes apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant was used to purchase recycling bins for each employee’s desk. They also bought a recycling station for the staff break room, and stocked the break room with reusable silverware and dishes.

To ensure a successful recycling program, IPS Cranes distributed a recycling plan to each employee with information on what could be recycled and tips for reducing office waste.


IPS Cranes now collects nearly 3,000 pounds of recyclables a year, including about 360 pounds of plastic film. As recycling has increased, the trash volume has decreased. With less-frequent trash pickups, they are saving $150 a month on their trash bill. By switching to reusable dishes in their breakroom, they are also saving $50 per month in purchasing costs.

The company is so pleased with their success with their recycling success that they encourage their customers and vendors to connect with the BizRecycling program. Recycling has truly become a part of the company culture at IPS Cranes.

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