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Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. is a locally run printing company. Their services include an array of printing techniques such as digital and color printing.   


Honsa-Binder Printing, Inc. strongly believes in the importance of caring for the environment. The company chooses green options throughout the printing process including stocking recycled paper and opting to use vegetable-based inks instead of petroleum-based.

When the company wanted to reduce their environmental footprint even more, they reached out to the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited Honsa-Binder Printing to learn about their waste stream. The printer was connected with a waste hauler that allowed them to expand their recycling to include not only paper, but cardboard, plastic and cans as well.

The printer worked with the Recycling Expert to apply for a BizRecycling Grant. They used the funds to buy recycling bins for each work station.


Honsa-Binder Printing’s employees quickly adjusted to the new recycling program.Some staff were very excited to have more opportunities to recycle.

Office manager Marla Moyer told us that, “even people who weren’t keen on recycling are now participating. We have reduced our trash significantly, and increased recycling. Wit6h the money we’ve saved, we are now using it to do something fun for the employees!”

“It helps implementing changes as a group,” said Moyer. “Awareness has been the biggest thing for us. I’m so happy that we are able to reduce more.”

This program has helped Honsa-Binder Printing cut their trash production in half. The company now diverts nearly 5,000 pounds of recyclables per year from the landfill. They are also saving about $720 annually on trash hauling.

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