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Hmong American Partnership (HAP) is the largest Hmong non-profit organization in the United States and has been empowering the refugee and immigrant community for over 25 years.


HAP was interested in improving their recycling program and was connected with our recycling experts who provided technical assistance and information on best management practices. After a site visit, our recycling experts determined that HAP could benefit from standardizing their recycling program and adding proper signage. HAP also has a large community room and was interested in purchasing a dishwasher and adding organics recycling.

How We Helped

HAP was awarded a BizRecycling grant to install a new dishwasher, host staff trainings, and receive new color-coded recycling containers. “Staff have commented on the advantage of organics in the workplace and we appreciate getting to offer organics and recycling service to our clients and guests” said Tou Lee, Front Desk Supervisor.


Although HAP was not able to decrease their trash dumpster, Tou noted that “we have added a lot more staff and programs and have not had to increase our trash dumpster, which we attribute to [the BizRecycling] program.” Overall, HAP has had a lot of success with their new recycling programs and is diverting an estimated 31,517 pounds of recycling and organics from the landfill each year.


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