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Highland Grill is an American restaurant that uses local ingredients to create classic comfort dishes.


Highland Grill wanted to start recycling food scraps and compostable paper waste. They also wanted to switch their to-go packaging to compostable materials. In addition, they wanted to find ways to recycle better. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Highland Grill to learn about the business and their waste stream. There were great opportunities to increase single-sort recycling, as well as adding the organics recycling program.

With help from our Recycling Expert, Highland Grill applied for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant covered the cost of color-coded recycling, trash and organics bins and compostable bin liners for the new organics recycling program. The grant also helped offset the first six month’s worth of compostable restaurant supplies

Our Recycling Expert also helped Highland Grill work with their waste hauler to adjust their service level. With the improvements to their recycling program, they would need less trash service, but more single stream and organics recycling pick-ups.


Thanks to their new organics recycling program, Highland Grill is diverting close to 47,000 pounds of compostable material a year. With the improvements to their single-sort recycling, they are also diverting over 14,000 pounds of recyclables annually. All of this is adding up to an annual savings of $2,400 on their waste bill.

Kim Lorsung, general manager, remarked, “It was all super easy! The signage has been a very helpful learning tool for new staff. We were provided with all of the right information and support in order to be successful.” They also mentioned, “Our staff is really invested and it makes them feel better to work here since we are conscious of our waste and sustainability.”

All of their improved recycling efforts, and their switch to compostable to-go supplies, led Highland Grill to receive the Minnesota Restaurant Association’s 2015 Restaurant Sustainability Award.



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