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Hidden Harbor Marina is a restaurant and marina located on the Mississippi River.


Hidden Harbor Marina wanted to develop a recycling program that would make recycling easier and more convenient for boaters. Their ultimate goal was to reduce trash disposal costs and encourage better recycling habits among boaters.

Hidden Harbor’s waste hauler put them in touch with the Recycling Experts from BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts met with Hidden Harbor Marina to evaluate how recycling and waste collection was handled.It was discovered that 55-gallon barrels were being used to collect trash. These were unwieldy and occasionally dangerous for staff to empty.

The Recycling Experts helped the marina apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The marina used the funds to buy portable recycling bins for boaters. They also bought large color-coded carts to replace the old 55-gallon barrels around the marina and the facility’s shop.

The Marina was also put in touch with the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District for free help with removing about 150 tires that had been illegally dumped on Marina property.


To continuously engage boaters, Hidden Harbor Marina held meetings about recycling improvements. More than 50 recycling bins were distributed to boaters during these meetings. The boaters also received free Hidden Harbor t-shirts for attending.

Now that recycling is convenient for the boaters, Hidden Harbor Marina is collecting over 11,000 pounds of recycling a year.

“Before, our trash would be packed full and we’d have to store extra trash outside of the dumpster in between pick-ups. Now, the trash is never completely full, but the recycling is always full,” commented Marina owner Tim Kennedy.

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