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Hering Chiropractic offers pediatric and chiropractic care. Hering practices chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, rehabilitation, nutritional supplementation, and patient education.


During a door knocking campaign, our Recycling Experts met with Hering Chiropractic, who were interested in improving their waste and recycling program.

Hering’s office is part of a suite of single-level offices in New Brighton that share one central garbage enclosure and waste hauling contract.

The facility’s recycling dumpster had a “Cardboard Only” sign, which kept businesses from recycling paper, cans, bottles or any other items. This was disappointing for Hering Chiropractic, since their main waste stream was shredded paper.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited the site and met with other tenants in the building to determine the best options moving forward.  

During conversations, our Recycling Experts learned that the building’s waste hauler had switched all of its recycling services to single-sort recycling. This meant that they would accept paper, cardboard, plastics numbered 1-7, glass containers, and metal containers.

The waste hauler agreed to place new signage on the dumpsters to reduce confusion about what items the program accepted.


Almost a month after the new single-sort recycling program was implemented, the Office Manager at Hering Chiropractic noted that all the businesses in the office park seemed to be recycling more than they had before.

Improved communication to the tenants via the new signage helped more than one business to easily recycle better.

These changes were implemented without necessitating any change in service from the hauler and without increased cost.

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