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HED Cycling is a Twin Cities-based manufacturer of premium bicycle wheels and components.


HED Cycling, a specialty bicycle products manufacturer, wanted to improve their recycling efforts throughout their facility. Their main goal was to find opportunities to recycle specialty items including scrap metal, plastic film, pallets, and fluids instead of throwing them away.

HED Cycling contacted BizRecycling for assistance.

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected HED Cycling with one of our Recycling Experts. The Recycling Expert visited the business to learn about the company and their waste stream. Learning about an individual company’s needs allows our Recycling Experts to make the best recommendations for the company. In addition to finding outlets for the company’s more unique recyclable waste, the Recycling Expert recommended they start a single-sort recycling program.

With help from our Recycling Expert, HED Cycling applied for a BizRecycling Grant. This grant was used to purchase color-coded bins and labels for use throughout the company’s facility. Proper placement and labeling of bins helps employees understand what materials go in each bin.

Operations Manager Julie Olson said, “It has been handy to have containers available to us through the grant and assistance to help choose bins and place them where they will be most effective.”

Our Recycling Expert also led a staff training to help educate employees about the importance of recycling and teach recycling best practices. This helped employees understand and embrace the new recycling program.


HED Cycling is recycling about 420 pounds of plastic film and plastic banding annually. They are also recycling at least 20 pounds of scrap metal per month.

In order to further reduce their waste, HED Cycling has begun reusing packing materials. They reuse the bags and boxes they receive product parts in to ship items to customers. This limits the amount of paper and plastic products needed and saves HED Cycling money along the way.

“It has helped relieve clutter, especially cardboard and packaging,” said Olson. “Now that we have a designated place to put these items, employees are willing and happy to participate.”

Their recycling and reuse efforts have not only reduced clutter around the business, but also resulted in a savings of nearly $3,600 a year.

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