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Costumes Plus (formerly Halloween Express) is a year-round shop that carries a large selection of costumes and costume accessories.


Costumes Plus owner Luis Berocay wanted to add recycling to their business waste management plan. Because the business is located in the City of Maplewood, they were eligible to enroll in the city’s residential single-sort recycling program at a reduced rate compared to commercial recycling programs.

Berocay wanted help to ensure that their business was collecting as much recyclable material as possible. They reached out to one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert worked with Costumes Plus (who was then Halloween Express) and the city of Maplewood to get the business enrolled in the city’s recycling program. They added three single-sort recycling collection carts.

The Recycling Expert also helped Berocay add color-coded recycling bins and signs throughout the facility.

Because proper bin placement and signage is essential to recycling success, our Recycling Experts work with each business owner to discover how waste is handled and advise on best practices to capture the maximum amount of recyclables.


Working with our Recycling Expert helped Costumes Plus to significantly reduce the amount of waste going to the garbage. They are now recycling cardboard, paper, plastic, glass and metal containers, plastic film and Styrofoam. This comes out to be around 4,600 pounds of recyclable materials per year. Recycling better also saves Costumes Plus nearly $900 a year on their trash bill.  

Berocay was excited to see his waste bills drop and his environmental impact lessened. He is grateful that Maplewood offers this program, and tells us, “Being a business owner, there is so much waste that can be recycled. I’ve wanted to have a recycling program for a long time.”

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