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Hallberg Engineering is a mechanical and electrical consulting engineering firm.


When Hallberg Engineering was redesigning their facility in White Bear Lake, they wanted to make the building greener and more efficient.

They needed guidance on ways to reduce their waste and improve recycling. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited Hallberg Engineering. They discovered that Hallberg Engineering was spending a lot of money on disposable dishes for their breakroom. They recommended that Hallberg switch from disposable dishes to reusable ones. A BizRecycling Grant allowed Hallberg to purchase dishes and a dishwasher for their breakroom.

Hallberg also decided to start recycling their organic waste. With assistance from our Recycling Expert, they applied for a BizRecycling Organics Rewards Grant to help get them started. This included training their staff on the new organics recycling program.


Hallberg Engineering has seen a drastic reduction in their trash since they switched to reusable dishes and started recycling their organics. The staff have taken to the changes with enthusiasm.

Marketing Coordinator Andrea Loppnow told us, “We were concerned about having reusable dishes and moving away from paper plates. However, it has been well-received and easier than we thought. It was definitely worth the time put in. Our dishwasher gets used more frequently, we have less plastic ware consumption, and we have reduced our regular trash by half!”

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