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Groundswell, located in the Hamline-Midway neighborhood of St. Paul, is a coffee shop, bakery, and café that has been serving the community since 2009.


Groundswell was looking for a way to expand its traditional recycling program and start collecting organics in the front and back of house. Groundswell worked with our recycling experts to identify areas where the shop improve their single stream recycling and to start an organics recycling program.

How We Helped

Groundswell began implementing changes, after getting approved for a BizRecycling grant. A custom three stream waste station was built and installed to collect recycling, organics, and trash for front of house. For back of house, Groundswell consulted with our recycling experts to place bins in locations that would maximize organics waste collection. Groundswell was also able to use the grant funding to make the switch to compostable products. This included a 6 month supply of certified-compostable beverage cups, drinking straws, to-go boxes, cutlery, and pastry bags.


Megan Schoonover, Owner and GM stated “we have had incredibly positive feedback from our customer base about our compostable cups, lids, straws, and to-go containers, which we trust is helping spread helpful information about the availability and affordability of such products.”

Groundswell had experienced such an increase in recycling and diversion through its new organics collection that the shop was able to decrease the size of its trash dumpster from 4 cubic yards to 2 cubic yards and upgrade its recycling dumpster from 2 cubic yards to 4 cubic yards. In all, Groundswell is diverting about 600 pounds of compostable material and 176 pounds of recyclable materials from the trash each week.


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