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Grand Avenue Veterinary Center provides veterinary care in partnership with its community.


Grand Avenue Veterinary Center had a recycling program in place, but they wanted to ensure they were capturing every opportunity to recycle. They reached out to BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited Grand Avenue Veterinary Center to learn more about their waste stream. They were able to identify a number of opportunities for improved recycling.

Although Grand Avenue Veterinary Center was far ahead of many businesses in its recycling efforts, staff were excited to make further improvements. 

Our Recycling Experts helped Grand Avenue Veterinary Center clarify some questions they had about single-sort recycling. Some recyclable items had been going into the trash by mistake.

“It’s nice that you don’t have to separate anything,” said Amanda Foss, Certified Veterinary Technician. “There’s so much that can be recycled and often staff members are unclear about it. Be aware of what you can recycle – bug your coworkers.”

The Recycling Experts also recommended consistently pairing trash and recycling bins, and labeling everything clearly. Consistent placement of color-coded bins and consistent signage has been the key to encouraging staff participation.

Grand Avenue Veterinary Center also quit buying bottled water. They now use a water filter instead.


Although Grand Avenue veterinary Center had done a lot to increase recycling and reduce waste, their trash bill remained high. Our Recycling Experts recommended they call their hauler and clarify pricing for their services.

One call cut Grand Avenue Veterinary Clinic’s monthly bills by nearly 40 percent, saving them about $2,000 every year.

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