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Germanic – American Institute was formed in 1957 as a collaborative group of Germanic clubs celebrating Minnesota’s statehood centennial in public festivities. Located on Summit Ave the Germanic-American Institute has a mission to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts and ongoing history of the German speaking peoples through public educational and cultural programs. 


Germanic-American Institute is a non-profit whose mission is to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts, and ongoing history of the German-speaking peoples through public educational and cultural programs. Germanic-American Institute contacted our recycling experts to set up a site visit to look at ways to decrease their trash and increase recycling options.

How We Helped

Through the BizRecycling Grant Program Germanic-American Institute receive the following items to improve their recycling programs. They received recycling and organics bins that were placed throughout the institute to pair with existing trash bins.  Germanic-American Institute also used the grant to purchase a 6 month supply of compostable items to replace disposable items being used for events held at the institute.  These events account for over 9,000 meals and 13,000 drinks served yearly. 


The BizRecycling grant has enabled the Germanic-American Institute to work toward achieving their value statement adopted in 2016: “Stewardship: We value historic architecture preservation and implement environmental sustainability in our programs and operations”.

The recycling and organic bins in the institute have allowed Germanic-American Institute to divert over 9,000 lbs. of recyclables and over 31,000 lbs of organics in the first year. Erin points out “with the increase in the amount of materials we are able to recycle we have been able to reduce our trash service from a 4 yard dumpster to a 3 yard dumpster which is a cost savings for the institute”. 

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