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Gem Lake Hills Golf Course is an executive golf course near White Bear Lake.


When the owners of Gem Lake Hills Golf Course decided that they wanted to improve recycling and sustainability efforts at their golf course, they reached out to the Recycling Experts from BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Gem Lake Hills Golf Course to tour both their indoor and outdoor facilities and learn about operations. Working closely with our Recycling Expert, Gem Lake Hills Golf Course decided to take several actions to reduce waste and recycle better. In addition to single-sort recycling, Gem Lake Hills Golf Course chose to add organics recycling, as well as switching their disposable food and beverage items over to compostable versions.

BizRecycling provided a grant to help pay for the first six months’ worth of compostable supplies. Grant funding was also available to help with the cost of new recycling, organics and trash receptacles. Our Recycling Expert also provided training for Gem Lake Hills Golf Course’s staff, as well as golfers, to help them understand the recycling systems.


The new recycling and organics recycling programs have been well-received at Gem Lake Hills Golf Course. They have been able to cut their trash dumpster capacity in half, going from an 8-yard dumpster to a 4-yard dumpster. They are diverting about 10 tons of recyclables and over 5 tons of organic material from the trash every year.

The younger staff members in particular have taken to the new recycling initiatives. As Director of Operations, Patrick Renner, told us, “Recycling more matches their values and they see recycling and composting as a no-brainer.”

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