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French Meadow Bakery and Café has always championed sustainability by focusing on locally sourced, organic ingredients. French Meadow was looking to take their initiatives to the next level and broaden their commitment to environmentally responsible business practices.

French Meadow was recycling, but much of their trash was made up of compostable organics such as food waste and paper towels. Executive chef Samantha Jensen contacted BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help. They wanted to recycle more and eliminate food waste in the trash.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited French Meadow to do a free consultation. They recommended that French Meadow start an organics recycling program to compost their food waste and other organic material including paper towels.

With help from the Recycling Experts, French Meadow applied for a BizRecycling Grant. The funds were used to purchase organics collection bins, compostable bags, and labels to make bins easy to identify. The Recycling Experts also helped French Meadow expand the existing single-sort recycling program with more bins and better signage. French Meadow was connected with a waste hauler to set up recycling services for organics and used cooking oil.


With the introduction of the new organics recycling program, French Meadow’s staff received training from BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts on proper bin usage. Staff learned the ins and outs of composting and the specifics of where each item should go and why.

French Meadow’s continued commitment to putting the environment first has been great for business. The café now composts over 7,000 pounds of organic material per year, increasing their sustainability.

“The grant was essential in helping us set up a composting program that is great for the environment and our business,” said Jensen. “Composting and recycling are key pieces that fit in with our values.”

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