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Located in Oakdale, Emergency Automotive Technologies, Inc. (EATI) customizes and services emergency vehicles for communities around the state.


Emergency Automotive Technologies, Inc. (EATI) in Oakdale customizes and services emergency vehicles for communities around the state. EATI met with our recycling experts, they became interested in working to reduce waste generation by utilizing the BizRecycling grant program. “We decided that it would be a good idea to address our waste generation and maybe even save some money while doing so,” said Mike Schwartz, President of EATI.

How We Helped

EATI ultimately chose to implement a single stream recycling program and begin separating and baling their cardboard since they generate so much of that material. In order to make sure they could collect cardboard effectively and even generate a little bit of revenue in doing so, Schwartz decided to use some of the BizRecycling grant funding for a baler. “We got bins for collecting all of our recyclables, and the baler to compact the large amount of cardboard that we go through,” said Schwartz. Upon approval of the BizRecycling grant, our recycling experts came out and spoke with EATI employees about the importance of recycling. Our recycling experts also answered employee questions regarding what waste items could be recycled and what items still needed to go into the trash.


Since making these changes, trash generation at EATI is down significantly. “We went from weekly pick up of our trash dumpster to every other week pick-up, and our industrial roll-off trash is being serviced much less often too.” Schwartz also mentioned that the program’s early successes are being noticed in other ways, “our shop is much cleaner and employees are proud of the amount of stuff that we’re getting recycled.” In addition to making solid waste reductions, EATI recently installed LED lighting throughout their facility and is looking into making efficiency improvements within their natural gas heating systems with help from the MN Chamber of Commerce’s Energy Smart program. All told, EATI is recycling over 36,000 pounds per year of material that was previously leaving in trash streams which has resulted in about $1800 in annual cost savings. EATI is also saving $1800 per year on waste and recycling bills.

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