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Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning is a family owned and operated educational child care center proving preschool services to children from toddlers to school aged.


Children’s Discovery Academy of Early Learning provides services to 134 students a day. In order to feed all of these children, they were using over 15,000 disposable products every month. That’s a lot of expensive supplies that end up in the trash! They wanted to find a better option.

Staff from Children’s Discovery Academy learned about the BizRecycling program through a presentation made by Ramsey County. They contacted us for a free on-site consultation.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Children’s Discovery Academy to tour the facility and learn about the business. Because of the amount of waste they generated, replacing the disposable dishes and utensils with reusable items was a priority.

The Recycling Expert helped Children’s Discovery Academy apply for a BizRecycling Grant to cover the cost of purchasing a dishwasher and a supply of reusable dishes.


By making the switch to reusable dishes, Children’s Discovery Academy is saving about $6,300 a year on supplies. They have reduced their trash bill as well. They have also found that the dishwasher is saving staff time.

Children’s Discovery Academy Director Andrea Vorderbruggen told us, “Things are great! Having a dishwasher saves so much time. We are able to not use paper and disposable products like we used to and have seen drastic changes, mainly much less garbage, as a result. Our cook has adjusted well and the transition has been very smooth.”

In addition to the cost and time savings, Vorderbruggen mentioned, “The dishwasher is also helpful to sanitize toys, so we have been seeing a lot of added benefits.”

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