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Carol Mathey’s Center for Children and Families provides affordable, quality education and child services to children and families in Oakdale.


Carol Mathey’s Executive Director, Stacie Penn, was looking for a way to set a positive example and encourage basic environmental habits daily. As a nonprofit organization, they had limited funds to work with.

Penn learned about the BizRecycling Grant program and saw a solution to their problem. “As a non-profit, there are always financial barriers for us. So when I saw the grant program, that jumpstarted me,” said Penn. “I really began to look at recycling.”

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected Penn with local Recycling Experts. The Recycling Experts visited Carol Mathey’s and found that many recyclable items were ending up in the trash. They had paper, plastic and even food waste that all could be recycled. The Recycling Experts helped Penn apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant covered the costs of recycling bins and education materials for Carol Mathey’s.

The Recycling Experts also helped Penn renegotiate their waste service contract to keep their costs flat while adding recycling service.


Carol Mathey’s now recycles 14,500 pounds of materials per year, and their hauling costs remained stable. They received educational materials to teach children and their families about recycling. “The kids have responded very well and are conscious of it… if they’re recycling at home, it makes sense that we would also recycle here,” said Penn.

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