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CareMate Home Healthcare provides nursing support to hospitals, long term care facilities, group homes, senior residential apartments and individual homes.


CareMate Project Manager, Richard Aderinkomi, wanted to start a recycling program for the business but like many businesses did not know where to begin.

Aderinkomi contacted BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help. They wanted to develop new procedures that would create a sustainable environment for CareMate employees and the people they served.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts visited the CareMate facilities to learn about the business and their waste stream. The majority of the recyclables found in the waste stream were paper, glass, plastic and metal containers.

Our Recycling Experts recommended starting a single-sort recycling program through CareMate’s existing hauler. Adding single-sort recycling would enable CareMate to decrease the size and frequency of dumpster pick-ups, helping to offset the cost of recycling collections.

CareMate was also advised to eliminate the use of disposable water bottles and begin training employees on the new policies and procedures to ease the transition.


CareMate’s employees are excited about the new recycling program, and have enthusiastically embraced it.

Although adding recycling service costs about $30 per month, CareMate has saved nearly double that amount by reducing trash pick-ups. Thanks to their single-sort recycling program, CareMate is saving about $260 per year on their waste hauling. They are also diverting almost 52 cubic yards of recyclable materials every year.

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