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Brunson’s Pub is a restaurant and bar on Payne Avenue in Saint Paul.


When Brunson’s Pub was preparing to open in 2017, owner Thomas LaFleche knew he wanted to get things started on the right foot. He reached out to the Recycling Experts at BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Brunson’s Pub to learn about the business. Since they were starting fresh, it was a great opportunity to create a robust system where all of the parts worked well together. Brunson’s Pub wanted not only to recycle better, but also to start an organics recycling system. That meant ensuring that any disposable items were made of compostable materials. Even their straws are compostable!

A BizRecycling grant helped Brunson’s Pub purchase color-coded recycling, organics and trash bins for use throughout the facility. They also received funding to help pay for compostable supplies and compostable bin liners. Because Brunson’s Pub uses all compostable supplies, it makes it easy for staff to get things into the right bin.

LaFleche told us that, “The program has been easier since we switched all of our non-reusable products to compostable. The bags being green are a great indicator and reminder for employees.”


The thoughtful effort Brunson’s Pub has put into their recycling and organics program has paid off. We estimate that they will divert nearly 15 tons of single-sort recycling and over 15 tons of compostable organics per year.

When asked how he felt about the program so far, LaFleche told us, “It feels really good. I like to stress that is doesn’t take any more effort, just a little more thought on choosing the right container for your waste.”

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