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Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices.


Boston Scientific in Arden Hills already had a number of corporate sustainability guidelines and initiatives in place when they were challenged to meet a corporate 2% waste reduction requirement in 2014. The Environmental Health and Safety staff reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

We connected Boston Scientific with Recycling Experts who visited their Arden Hills campus. They found that there had been an organics collection program in place since 2011, but it was only available in two of the four cafeterias.

Boston Scientific’s recycling program also needed improvements. The Recycling Experts suggested that adding new bins and signage, and expanding the placement of the bins, would help Boston Scientific staff to recycle better.

The Recycling Experts helped Boston Scientific apply for seven BizRecycling grants, one for each of the buildings on the Arden Hills campus.


With grant funding totaling $57,400, Boston Scientific was able to make all of the suggested changed to their recycling collection.  The funds helped purchase new recycling sorting stations with color-coded bins and custom signs. They also purchased needed waste management equipment, including cart tippers.

In addition to the grant for recycling improvements, Boston Scientific received a $2,400 BizRecycling Reward Grant to help offset the cost of starting organics recycling at their remaining two cafeterias.

In November 2014, Boston Scientific held an employee appreciation luncheon which was attended by about 80% of the staff. During this luncheon, Boston Scientific used compostable plates and utensils to help educate staff about items that could go into the organics collection. Boston Scientific Green Team volunteers stood at the recycling sorting stations to assist staff with separating recyclables from compostables from garbage.

By improving and expanding their recycling and organics collection, the Arden Hills campus increased their waste reduction from 61% to 70%. They are now recycling over 200,000 pounds of organic material a year, which is a 138% improvement over their 2014 organics recycling.

Boston Scientific has locations around the world. The Arden Hills locations was one of the first to implement organics recycling at this scale. 

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