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Bona Bros Auto and Truck Services is a third-generation family business in New Brighton. Their ASE certified technicians provide auto, truck and equipment service.


Owner John Bona noticed that there were a lot of potentially recyclable materials ending up in the trash at their New Brighton shop. He knew there was a better way to handle things like paper, metal, and plastic containers. He reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Bona Bros Auto and Truck Services to learn more about the shop and their waste stream. A large portion of their waste was cardboard. Our Recycling Expert helped Bona Bros apply for a BizRecycling grant to purchase a cardboard baler. Now, all of that cardboard has become an asset rather than a liability.

In addition to managing their cardboard waste as a separate recycling stream, our Recycling Expert helped Bona Bros set up a comprehensive color-coded recycling collection system to capture their paper, plastic and glass containers, and metal cans. The BizRecycling grant allowed Bona Bros to purchase color-coded bins, which, when paired with free labels from our website, gave them an easy-to-use recycling system.


Between the single-sort recycling system and the dedicated cardboard recycling baler, Bona Bros cut their trash pickups by more than half. They are now diverting over nine tons of single sort recycling and eight tons of cardboard from the garbage every year. This is saving the company money on their trash bill every month.

Bona considers the program such a success that he is now working to replicate it at his Fridley location. He told us that, “we never realized the benefits a well-organized recycling program could bring.”

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