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Big Apple Bagels is a bakery and restaurant in Forest Lake.


The owner of Big Apple Bagels in Forest Lake, Alex Bulmer, had read some statistics and information about plastics that made him want to do what he could to reduce the amount of waste that was being produced at his business. He reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Big Apple Bagel to learn more about the restaurant. One place they identified for waste reduction was the use of disposable cups and dishes. A BizRecycling grant purchased a dishwasher for the business, along with a supply of reusable ceramic dishes. They also added color-coded recycling bins for both front of house and back of house use.


By switching to reusable dishes, Big Apple Bagels is saving about $200 a month on disposable products. Customer response has been very positive, with some claiming that the coffee tastes better out of the ceramic mugs! Staff have been happy with the new dishwasher.

There was another benefit of participating in the BizRecycling program. Bulmer told us, “We won an award! We were the Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Green Champion for 2017.”

After discovering how easy and rewarding it can be to reduce waste, Bulmer decided that he would move the business from paper timecards to an electronic system. He is also working with our Recycling Expert to explore the possibility of adding organics recycling in the future.

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