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Bauer Welding and Metal Fabricators specializes in welding and creating metal parts for cars, tractors and more. They started with 450 square feet in 1946 and have since expanded to 68,000 square feet.


Bauer Welding & Metal Fabricators were looking for ways to become compliant with the 2016 Minnesota Recycling Law. At the time, the company was recycling cardboard and scrap metal but knew they could do more. They reached out to BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

Our Recycling Experts advised Bauer that this specific law is not applicable to manufacturers. Despite this news, the company still wanted to reduce their environmental footprint and implement a new program in their business.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Experts helped Bauer work with their waste hauler to add a single-sort recycling dumpster. Bauer also connected with a local company that would take their pallets and plastic pallet wrap for recycling

To ensure the success of the new single-sort recycling program, the Recycling Experts helped Bauer apply for a BizRecycling Grant. The grant paid for color-coded bins and labels for the entire building.

In addition to the new bins, the Recycling Experts trained Bauer’s employees on proper recycling procedures.


Bauer has seen significant benefits from improving their recycling. Thanks to their new single-sort recycling, they are diverting over 14,500 pounds of recyclables a year. They are also recycling over 3,000 pounds of plastic film, and nearly 26,000 pounds of pallets.

Thanks to their combined recycling efforts, Bauer has cut their trash output in half, and are saving about $1,200 a year on waste hauling costs.

“We are an employee-owned company, so anything to help our bottom line is good,” said maintenance lead Sean Hildesheim. “We saved some money and we are being more environmentally responsible. Those are the biggest reasons for doing a recycling program.”

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