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Atelier 957 is a fashion boutique in Saint Paul. The local boutique sells clothing and accessories curated from around the world.


Before Atelier 957 had a recycling program, Linda Gridley, an employee of the fashion boutique, brought the store’s recycling home.

Gridley knew that the boutique needed a permanent and more practical solution. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

To develop a plan that would best fit Atelier 957, our Recycling Experts visited the shop to evaluate what types of recyclables and waste were produced.  

There were many recyclable items at the shop, including cardboard from shipments, office paper, old catalogs and magazines, and plastic, glass, and metal containers.

Our Recycling Experts recommended starting a single-sort recycling program that could accept all of the above materials in one bin.


Atelier 957 discovered that they were not producing enough trash and recycling to justify having their dumpsters serviced on a regular schedule. They worked with their waste hauler to change pick-ups of their recycling and trash to on-call.

Trash pick-up has been reduced from once every two weeks to once every six to eight weeks, depending on the season.

The staff at Atelier 957 are happy to have a better recycling system in place. “It’s up to all of us to take care of the earth, and recycling is a very important part of that,” said Gridley. 

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