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 Ascension Church and Our Community Kitchen, located in Stillwater, partner together to grow a thriving community garden.  Our Community Kitchen, a local nonprofit, incorporates produce from the garden into a donation based breakfast served twice weekly for the community.


Ascension Church’s community garden is one way that the church community demonstrates that they are committed to becoming a more sustainable congregation for the benefit of both the environment and community members.

After attending a Stillwater Independent Business Alliance presentation for local business, they discovered that the BizRecycling Grant Program could provide funding to improve their organics collection to the benefit of the compost for the community garden.

How We Helped

Our recycling experts conducted a site visit and brought to the church’s attention several improvement opportunities that could significantly reduce their environmental footprint. Ascension soon thereafter applied for and was awarded a BizRecycling grant. Without funding from BizRecycling, proper recycling and organics collection would not have occurred as Ascension lacked the resources to provide these services

On top of receiving compost tumblers for composting on-site, and a 6 month supply of compostable materials, they received uniform color-coded and paired bins so that members, visitors, and guests were aware of exactly where to place all discarded items. “The bins are marvelous because people can clearly see” where the materials go, stated Buff Grace, the Reverend of Ascension.


Prior to the grant, Ascension’s backyard compost system lacked the correct inputs to produce an effective end product. The collection of necessary compost materials was optimized after installing organics receptacles with clear and informative signage.

Additionally, compostable plates and clamshells replaced their Styrofoam alternatives providing even more compostable materials. An estimated 850 pounds of food waste is now diverted from the landfill to be transformed into compost.

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