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 Amsterdam Bar and Hall is a neighborhood bar and music venue located in the downtown St. Paul.


Amsterdam Bar and Hall has been intentional about the products they use for a long time, but decided they were ready to take on organics recycling to further reduce their impact. They wanted to improve their single stream recycling and add organic recycling but didn’t know where they should start. Brandon Dvorak, chef, noted, “We got rid of our straws a couple years ago and have been using compostable to-go containers, so it was nice to continue improving the other paper products we use.”

How We Helped

Our recycling experts worked with Amsterdam Bar and Hall to create a more efficient system for their waste. They applied for a BizRecycling grant to get color-coded trash, recycling, and organics bins and compostable products and liners. Amsterdam has a full event calendar and were able to utilize grant funds to get some extra bins to accommodate these larger occasions. Dvorak noted. “It is crazy to see, since we’ve switched most of the materials we use to compostable, how much compost we really have.”

In addition to helping with the grant, our recycling experts assisted with staff training at Amsterdam, making sure that employees understand their new and improved recycling programs. Dvorak commented, “Everyone on the staff was down to start composting. It took some learning, but they are definitely getting it.”


Making these changes has allowed Amsterdam Bar and Hall to make quite a difference. With their improve organics recycling, they are diverting an estimated 28,000 pounds of food and paper products each year. Dvorak stated, “Personally, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while, so it was cool to have the money to start this process off. The grant money to cover costs was definitely an incentive to start. The recycling experts made the whole process super easy!”

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