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American Distribution and Manufacturing Company is a family-owned, full-line wholesale distributor in the Farm & Fleet, Pet and Wild Bird & Wildlife Industries.


American Distribution and Manufacturing Company (ADMC) wanted to maximize their recycling efforts. As a company with 75 years in the business, they understood that a growing business meant more waste. They knew that recycling better could save the company money and reduce their impact on the environment at the same time. 

ADMC reached out to BizRecyling for help.

How We Helped

BizRecycling connected ADMC with one of our Recycling Experts. The Recycling Expert worked closely with operations manager Mike Buth to evaluate ADMC’s unique business needs. They found that ADMC could be collecting cardboard as well as plastic pallet wrap for recycling.

To make recycling easy for employees, it is essential to have clear and consistent bins and signage. Our Recycling Expert helped determine the best placement and signage for the new recycling collection. They also provided training for the staff. A BizRecycling Grant helped pay for bins, signs, and training.

“I had to make it easy and readily available for my employees or they wouldn’t do it,” said Buth.

The Recycling Expert also helped Buth work with ADMC’s trash hauler to add a recycling compactor for cardboard. This compactor made it easier for the business to collect cardboard for recycling while saving space.


Thanks to their new recycling initiatives, American Distribution and Manufacturing Company are diverting approximately 384,000 pounds of recyclable material from the landfill each year. They are also saving money on their trash bill, because recycling is not subject to the County Environmental Charge and the State Solid Waste Management Tax.

Buth says; “It definitely saved us money and I would recommend other businesses participate in an effort to reduce trash and properly sort their recyclables. There is value in the items being recycled and money to be made. The program works.”

They were so pleased with their success in Minnesota that Buth has taken what they have learned and is applying their knowledge at the company’s other location in Dallas, Texas.

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