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All Energy Solar is a solar energy company in Saint Paul, providing solar energy solutions for residential, commercial, agricultural and government clients.


All Energy Solar was recycling cardboard, but their office manager wanted to expand their recycling program and educate their staff to recycle better. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

How We Helped

We sent a Recycling Expert to visit All Energy Solar. They discovered that All Energy Solar could easily expand their existing cardboard recycling collection into a single-sort recycling program. A BizRecycling grant helped All Energy Solar add color-coded recycling bins at all of the desks. They also added recycling bins throughout their warehouse.


Thanks to their improved recycling system, All Energy Solar is diverting over 18 tons of recyclables from the trash every year. They have also seen a reduction in the volume of their trash. Although the company has seen quite a bit of growth since they started working with BizRecycling to recycle better, they have been able to keep the same size trash dumpster.

They told us that the BizRecycling program “was super easy and allowed our business to reduce our trash significantly.”

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