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Afton Alps is a ski resort in southern Washington County.


Afton Alps wanted to improve their recycling. They also wanted to start recycling organics to keep more of their waste out of the trash. In addition, they wanted to add compostable products for food and beverage service. In 2015, Afton Alps got in touch with one of BizRecycling’s Recycling Experts for help.

How We Helped

Our Recycling Expert visited Afton Alps to learn about how their resort worked. Working closely with Afton Alps, our Recycling Expert made a plan for placing recycling and organics collection bins throughout the vast resort property, both indoors and out.

To help reduce waste even more, all of Afton Alps’ disposable products were updated to ensure that everything is either recyclable or compostable. Our Recycling Expert helped Afton Alps apply for grant funding from BizRecycling and other Washington County sources to help pay for all of the planned improvements to their recycling and organics programs.

The staff at Afton Alps underwent rigorous training about recycling and organics to make sure that they can answer any questions guests may have. Training also ensures that staff will recycle properly. The recycling and organics bins are clearly labeled and show examples of the types of materials to be collected. Clear labeling helps avoid confusion and contamination of recycling and organics.


From their very first load of organics recycling, Afton Alps has been doing a great job of keeping cross-contamination low. The staff take the time to double-check the garbage, recycling and organics bins to make sure that things are going into the proper container. They ask questions and help each other learn about the waste separation process.

Thanks to the dedication of the staff at Afton Alps, the resort is now recycling or composting over 45% of their waste. In 2015, they were only diverting about 8% of their waste. This is an incredible improvement!

An Afton Alps representative told us, “We at Afton are very concerned about the environment, and we wanted to make sure that we were doing everything that we could to set a good example for our visitors.” They added, “This is something we want to continue to improve upon in order to be environmental leaders in our community.”

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