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Du Frense Manufacturing Co. has been an industry leader in the precision metal fabrication industry for over 27 years. Located in Vadnais Heights, MN, Du Fresne Manufacturing has a strong commitment to their 100+ employee as well as having a vision to be leader in sustainability.


Du Frense manufacturing established a corporate green team back in 2013. The team was looking for new ideas to increase their recycling, as they were paying their hauler extra every month to rent recycling bins. They contacted BizRecycling, where they were connected to recycling experts, who conducted a site visit and provided recommendations on key ways to reduce their trash.

How We Helped

Our recycling experts recommended new color coded and labeled recycling bins, which made it easier for employees to recognize where to put their recycling. Du Frense also replaced plastic disposable water bottles provided for employees with reusable bottles and started collecting plastic film. A grant from BizRecycling helped them to purchase all the needed materials.


Du Frense was able to reduce their trash dumpster from 12 to 8 yards because of the reduction in plastic film. This one change cut $600 annually off their trash bill and helps them divert 1,260 pounds of plastic film from the trash. The outcome was so great, they started collecting plastic film at a second facility. They’re also implementing an organics recycling program, which will help further reduce their trash by capturing the food waste and paper towels.

“The grant process was seamless and the county was quick to approve and send next steps which made things really easy. Thanks to the recycling expert for the help and education throughout the process. We are raising the awareness little by little.” – Scott Crawford, CFO

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