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Previous Recycling Grantees

Here are some of the ways businesses and schools are using their recycling grants:

What Recycling Grant is Being Used For
A Johnson and Sons Florist
St. Paul
A Johnson and Sons Florist bought color coordinated bins for its recycling and composting program: blue for recycling, green for organics. Previous bins for recycling, organics and trash had all been gray which was confusing for employees.
Andersen Corporation
Oak Park Heights
Andersen Corporation replaced desk side trash cans with common area recycling centers. Working to replace disposable cafeteria items with compostable items. The goal is to reduce trash by 50 percent.
Blue Heron Grill
Blue Heron Grill constructed an enlarged exterior waste enclosure. This created room for recycling and organics dumpsters. The restaurant began recycling and organics collection.
Boston Scientific
Arden Hills
Boston Scientific bought totes and cart tippers so they can add organics collection to the employee cafeterias in each of four buildings on their campus.
Cajah Salon
St. Paul
Cajah Salon had been using cardboard boxes to collect recycling which was confusing for employees. Bought blue recycling bins to collect materials in the salon.
Concordia University
St. Paul
Concordia University developed a best practices guide with consultant JL Taitt. The grant is being used to standardize and upgrade trash and recycling containers throughout campus as one of the recycling best practices.

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Crossroads Properties
Oakdale and Woodbury
This property management company used the grant to provide recycling containers for businesses at the various locations it manages.
Hayes Residence
St. Paul
The Hayes Residence added color coded trash and recycling containers throughout the facility. Also added carts to make it easier for staff to transfer the recycling from the containers to the collection dumpster outside.
Hugo Elementary
Hugo Elementary purchased supplies to begin a food waste to hogs program and enhance their recycling program. Washington County provided staff training.
This daycare switched from disposable cups, plates and cutlery to reusable serviceware. The grant paid for the serviceware and a dishwasher. They also put recycling containers in all the classrooms and offices.
Lake Elmo Bank
Lake Elmo
Lake Elmo Bank added recycling containers to all workstations.


Lakeview Hospital
Lakeview Hospital worked with consultant JL Taitt to start a comprehensive recycling program. The grant paid for a recycling compactor which allowed the hospital to recycle more without needing additional pick ups.
Legacy Funeral Homes
St. Paul and Maplewood
Legacy Funeral Homes is one of the largest Hmong funeral homes in the state. A funeral can have 1,000 guests a day for three to four days. They added recycling and organics collection throughout each of their chapels.
Math and Science Academy
Math and Science Academy previously did not recycle. The grant paid for bins to collect recyclables. The school also included student and staff education and held a kickoff event.
Panacea Health Care Solutions
St. Paul
Panacea Health Care Solutions used the grant to provide bins for all employee work stations and common areas. They bought a platform cart to transport recyclables to the recycling dumpster in the basement. They also bought reusable silverware for the employee break room.
Portico Healthnet
St. Paul
Portico Healthnet worked with consultant Waste Wise to design and begin a broad recycling and waste reduction program. The grant paid for reusable serviceware. It also paid for a container to collect plastic film for recycling.
Regions Hospital
St. Paul
Regions Hospital conducted a waste assessment with consultant JL Taitt. As a result they piloted in-room recycling. The grant paid for recycling containers, allowing in-room recycling to be offered throughout the hospital. They also added a toter cart lift station to improve the efficiency of loading material into the recycling dumpsters.
Sarah’s… an Oasis for Women
St. Paul
Sarah’s added recycling containers to all the bedrooms in the facility. They also added an organics composting program for all their food scraps and non-recyclable paper.
St. Paul Academy
St. Paul
St. Paul Academy purchased supplies such as a sorting table and dollies for their new organics recycling program.
St. Catherine’s University
St. Paul
St. Catherine’s University had been running all dining room food waste through a garbage disposal. They switched to an organics composting program in the dining areas. They hope to expand that to additional areas on campus.
St. Croix Prep Academy
St. Croix Prep Academy added color coded bins to enhance their recycling program. They also purchased supplies for their organics recycling program.
Skally Management
St. Paul
Skally Management added recycling containers to common areas of each of seven apartment buildings.
Tech Dump
St. Paul
Tech Dump bought recycling containers for their new facility. In addition to common recyclables such as paper, bottles and cans, they recycle Styrofoam, shrink wrap, pressed wood, and even mirrors.
The Lodge
White Bear Lake
The Lodge used the grant to purchase recycling and organics containers. These containers allowed the retirement community to enhance its recycling program. They also added an organics composting program.
St. Paul
Travelers replaced paper-only and bottles-and-cans-only recycling containers with single-stream containers. They also added containers for paper towels in the restrooms so that the paper towels can be added to their existing composting program.
Urban Growler
St. Paul
This startup bought bins and labels so they could incorporate recycling and organics composting into their operations from the beginning.
Valley Outreach
This service organization added organics recycling bins to their food shelf. This allows them to compost the approximately 17% of donated food that they are not able to share with their clients.
Warner’s Stellian
St. Paul
Warner’s Stellian had been collecting recyclable material using a variety of different types of containers. With the grant they standardized the containers used throughout their facilities. They also added organics composting.
Wellington Management
St. Paul
Wellington Management added recycling containers for common areas of buildings they manage. They worked with Waste Wise on a customized recycling plan that identified the best areas for the containers.
Wilder Foundation offices
St. Paul
Wilder Foundation already recycled at employee workstations. They added recycling to employee breakrooms and other high traffic areas.
Wilder Child Development Center
St. Paul
The Wilder Child Development Center didn’t recycle. They added recycling containers in classrooms, offices, kitchen and other areas.
Wilder Day Treatment and Center for Social Healing
St. Paul
The Wilder Day Treatment Center did not recycle. They added recycling containers throughout the building.

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