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Blog-Wood Pallet Recycling

Wood Pallet Recycling & Reclaimed Lumber

When we think about recycling, the blue bin immediately comes to mind. Single-sort recycling is everywhere, and it’s something most businesses do. But what if your business generates a lot of wood waste, like pallets? Luckily, pallets can be reused over and over again! Using reconditioned pallets can also save your business money versus buying new ones.

Pallet recycling operations have to sort through the pallets they receive, since pallets come in several sizes. Some pallets may require minor repair or refurbishment before they are ready to be used again. Others will be beyond repair. Those pallets can be ground into wood fiber. There is no reason for any wood pallet to ever end up in a landfill. Pallets are resources that businesses can use!

Pallet recycling is a steadily growing industry. About 75% of pallets recovered for recycling are reused as pallets. Some pallets are used for replacement parts to repair other pallets. A small percentage of recovered pallets are ground up and used for things like colored landscape mulch.

In addition to pallet recycling, other types of wood can be reused. Businesses in construction & demolition know that wood waste is a huge component of their waste stream, second only to concrete. Fortunately, reclaimed lumber is growing in popularity. When buildings are deconstructed, the lumber can be recovered and used in other buildings. It takes a little more effort, but it saves valuable resources, and can provide unique products to niche markets.

Whether your East Metro business is looking for recycling options for wood pallets and other wood products, or you want to find other ways to recycle better at work, our Recycling Experts have the knowledge to help. Getting started is as easy as filling out a short contact us form.

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