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Why Recycling Saves Money

Garbage bills are complicated. What do all of the numbers mean, and how does recycling fit into the picture? There are three main factors to look at when thinking about your garbage:

  1. How many dumpsters you have
  2. How big your dumpsters are
  3. How often you have your dumpsters serviced

Sometimes, bigger isn’t better when it comes to dumpsters. Having a huge trash compactor that you rent from your hauler and only empty a couple of times a year can be far more expensive than having a smaller dumpster serviced on a monthly basis. Even if you aren’t filling the compactor, you are paying lots of taxes on the rental fee.

What kind of taxes are you paying on your garbage bill?

  • The County Environmental Charge (CEC)
    This is a tax charged by the county on your trash service. In Washington County, this is a 35% tax. In Ramsey County, it is a 53% tax!
  • The Minnesota State Solid Waste Management Tax (SWM)
    This tax is charged by the state of Minnesota on your trash service. It adds another 17% to your trash bill. So in Washington County, you pay a total of $52 in taxes for every $100 spent on trash service. In Ramsey County, you pay $70 in taxes for every $100 spent on trash service.
    That’s a lot of money!

Why #RecycleBetter?

The more you recycle, and the less trash you generate, the lower the taxes will be on your garbage bill. Why? Because unlike trash, recycling, including commercial composting (organics recycling), is not taxed! When you are able to reduce the size and frequency of your dumpster service, not only do your costs go down, but so do your taxes.

How does BizRecycling help?

BizRecycling offers free advice from recycling and waste reduction experts. They have experience working with businesses of all types and sizes to right-size trash service and find opportunities to recycle better. They can help your business apply for a BizRecycling grant to help pay for things like:

  • New color-coded recycling, organics, and trash bins
  • Dishwashers and reusable dishes
  • Compostable to-go supplies for your restaurant
  • Starting or expanding commercial composting service at your business
  • Adding or expanding dumpster enclosures to accommodate recycling dumpsters
  • Customized signs
  • Staff training

It’s easy to get started – just contact us! We’ll connect you with a Recycling Expert. BizRecycling: Let us do the thinking for you!

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