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Partnering for A Better Waste Management System

A huge congratulations to BizRecycling Partners’ East Side Area Business Association (ESABA), Latino-Economic Development Council (LEDC) and East Side Neighborhood Development Council (ESNDC) for winning an honorable mention in the Small Employer Category for the 2019 Environmental Initiative Awards, for their innovation in making affordable trash, recycling, and organics hauling more accessible to their business community.

Through their efforts promoting BizRecycling, which helps businesses set-up recycling and organics collections, they learned that a major obstacle to a business’s success was their experience with their hauler. When they compared experiences from a dozen members, they found solid waste haulers have a wide range of costs for similar services, a host of confusing fees, complicated bills and revolving contracts that lock customers into multiple years of service and often significant cost increases. They also heard dissatisfaction in losing dedicated customer service representatives, who were often replaced by call centers.

Together, they determined businesses wanted:   

  • Resolve confusion about costs (transparency)
  • Dedicated person to pick up the phone (better customer service)
  • Competitive pricing (bulk discount)

In 2018, ESABA, LEDC, and ESNDC, who all serve businesses in Saint Paul’s East Side neighborhoods, contacted 11 haulers with a request for pricing. They received responses from five haulers and conducted four interviews. After comparing the prices and customer service practices, they selected a Preferred Hauler for their businesses. Members are now able to purchase fair and transparent waste hauling services if they choose.

ESABA, LEDC, and ESNDC found that, especially when it comes to waste management, they have the potential to accomplish more together than alone. The concerns of one business find resonance with their neighbors, sometimes regardless of size or industry. Together they were able to maximize the associations’ ability to accomplish good for member businesses on the East Side and help develop a more efficient waste system.

BizRecycling Partners receive grants to outreach and educate to their members about trash, recycling and organics resources and best practices. If your business association is interested in becoming a BizRecycling Partner, please connect with us here!

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