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Grantee of the Week: The Travelers Companies

With a recycling program and organics collection in place, The Travelers Companies building in downtown Saint Paul was already ahead of the recycling game. Their facilities manager, however, though that the building could recycle better. They knew they couldn’t make the improvements on their own. They reached out to BizRecycling for help.

We sent one of our Recycling Experts to the Travelers building to see what else could be done. Our Recycling Expert toured the 12 million square foot building to get a feel for the existing recycling and organics programs. When they found out that Travelers was not collecting paper towels as part of their organics recycling, they helped Travelers apply for a BizRecycling Organics Rewards Grant to expand their organics recycling program. They also helped Travelers apply for a BizRecycling recycling grant to add a new recycling compactor for their single-sort recycling. Last but not least, new signs and recycling bins were distributed throughout the building to encourage staff to recycle more.

These adjustments to Travelers’ existing recycling and organics programs were easy to implement, especially with BizRecycling grant funding to offset some of the expense. Adding paper towels to their organics recycling effectively doubled the amount of organic waste Travelers was diverting from the landfill. Adding the recycling compactor helped cut down on transportation costs. All of these adjustments added up to significant cost savings – $18,000 a year’s worth! On top of that, they are keeping almost 75,000 pounds of materials out of the trash every year.

We believe that every business, even those that are currently recycling as much as they think they can, may be able to recycle better. This is why the BizRecycling program exists; we’re here to give businesses the technical and financial support they need to recycle better. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation!

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