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Grantee of the Week: Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Grantee of the Week: Tin Whiskers Brewing Company

Tin Whiskers Brewing Company is a craft beer brewer in Saint Paul.

As a popular destination taproom, Tin Whiskers quickly learned that their three-compartment sink was inadequate for keeping up with demand for beer glasses at peak times. That meant keeping a supply of disposable cups on hand for when they’d get busy.

When Tin Whiskers’ President, Jeff Moriarty, learned about the BizRecycling program, he decided to explore options for reducing the brewery’s need for disposable cups.

Working with one of our Recycling Experts, Moriarty applied for a BizRecycling grant. The grant paid for a glass washer. It also paid for the installation of the washer, including relocating the existing sink by two feet.

Tin Whiskers already had a good single-sort recycling system in place, complete with color-coded bins, but they took advantage of free labels from BizRecycling to improve their recycling collection. They also have our Recycling Expert available to answer any questions that staff may have about recycling.

When asked about how it was to work with our Recycling Expert, Moriarty told us, “not only did they come and offer great advice, but they can extend the money to implement parts of that advice. Really a win-win!” He also mentioned that BizRecycling is a “great, easy-to-use service for like-minded business owners who want to do their part to reduce waste.”

Since Tin Whiskers shares their recycling and trash services with other businesses in the building, including restaurants, they are in the process of exploring options for adding a shared organics recycling service.

Tin Whiskers Brewing is a great example of all of the different ways that a business can use the BizRecycling program to their advantage. Our knowledgeable Recycling Experts work hard to learn about the businesses they serve, and find the best solutions possible to help the business reduce waste and recycle better.

Getting started with BizRecycling is easy – just fill out our short Contact Us form, and a Recycling Expert will be in touch with you within a couple of business days.

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