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Grantee of the Week Blog Post - Sunray BP

Grantee of the Week: Sunray BP Gas Station

Jorge Samper Zelaya, owner of the Sunray BP gas station and auto repair shop in Saint Paul, has a strong commitment to the environment. From updated LED lighting in the store to a waste-oil heater to keep the shop and store warm, Sunray BP is leading the pack with sustainable business practices.

Meeting the challenges of collecting recycling with limited space prompted Zelaya to connect with us. Our Recycling Expert helped Zelaya develop a custom waste management plan that worked for his business. A BizRecycling grant funded an expanded waste enclosure to allow the addition of a recycling dumpster.

One of the more striking features of Sunray BP can be found at the pump. Next to the usual gas station trash receptacle with the squeegee and paper towels sits a tall green recycling bin. This is a great amenity for people who are on the go. Now, instead of having to make the choice between throwing recyclables in the trash or keeping them in the car until they get home, customers at Sunray BP can conveniently do the right thing and recycle at the pump.

Recycling better is also saving Sunray BP considerable money. By adding recycling, they have reduced their trash significantly, downsizing from a 6-yard trash dumpster to a 2-yard trash dumpster. That adds up to a yearly savings of $3,000 on trash hauling!

Zelaya has become a vocal advocate for recycling, and has spoken to other BP gas station owners about the benefits, both environmental and economic, of recycling. He also graciously agreed to tell his BizRecycling story on camera, and we had the pleasure of meeting him in person and hearing about how our technical assistance and grant funding made a difference for his business. Watch for that video coming soon!

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