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Grantee of the Week: Stella’s on 97

We recently had the pleasure to talk in depth with Max Stephens, owner of Stella’s on 97 in Forest Lake. Max had been concerned that expanding recycling at his restaurant would require a lot of complicated sorting of materials. Then Max learned about BizRecycling, thanks to the Forest Lake Area Chamber of Commerce hosting a presentation at the event center at Stella’s on 97 that included information about our program.

Once Max heard about single-sort recycling, he was ready to recycle better, with a little help from one of our Recycling Experts.

When you walk into the kitchen at Stella’s on 97, you will notice that there are three bins under the prep table. There is a black one for trash, a blue one for recycling, and a green one for organics, including not only food scraps but also paper towels. This simple system allows Stella’s on 97 to recycle or compost a large portion of their waste. In fact, adding these recycling services cut the restaurant’s trash volume in half!

A BizRecycling grant not only helped Stella’s on 97 purchase those bins for under the counter, it also allowed the restaurant to have their waste enclosure expanded to accommodate the new dumpsters for recycling and organics.

While our Recycling Expert was reviewing the trash bills at Stella’s on 97, they noticed that the bill seemed disproportionately high. Max was able to call and get that sorted out while adding a new single-sort recycling service, which helped save $500 a month on the restaurant’s trash bill!

Max Stephens appreciates the cost savings his business has enjoyed as a result of having our Recycling Expert help him review his trash bill and add recycling services. He and his staff were very hospitable when we showed up with our videographer to capture their BizRecycling success story, and we are very excited to be able to share the video with everyone soon!

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