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Grantee of the Week: Splash Products

Watch their video story here.

Splash Products is a locally-owned manufacturer of windshield wash, ice melt, wiper blades, antifreeze and cleaners in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Splash Products were already devoted to recycling, with a process to capture and regrind the discarded plastic from molding their bottles, as well as systems for recycling cardboard and pallets. They felt there was more they could be doing, so they reached out to BizRecycling for help.

One of our Recycling Experts visited Splash Products to learn about their business and take a look at their waste stream. Although Splash Products was doing a great job recycling materials in the warehouse like cardboard and pallets, our Recycling Expert recommended that they start single-sort recycling to capture more recyclable material.

A BizRecycling grant helped Splash Products build a new waste enclosure to house recycling and trash dumpsters. They also purchased color-coded recycling bins for use throughout their facility.

Thanks to the addition of the single-sort recycling system, Splash Products was able to downsize from a 40-yard trash compactor to an 8-yard dumpster. This adds up to a $15,000 a year savings. Splash Products is reinvesting that money into their business, helping to create new technology for their manufacturing processes.

“We have had great success with the BizRecycling program. The grant process is easy and allows businesses to capitalize on potential savings while making a positive impact on our environment.”  – Dan Clark, Receiving Manager


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