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Grantee of the Week - Saint Paul Hotel

Grantee of the Week: The Saint Paul Hotel

Several years ago, BizRecycling had the opportunity to work with The Saint Paul Hotel to help them start an organics recycling program to manage their kitchen scraps, plate waste, and other compostable organics. It was the next logical step for an establishment that already had a strong focus on sustainability.

“Guests tend not to think of silver, china and cloth napkins as being green or reducing waste, when actually these are very useful tools in reducing our waste stream while also providing a very high level of service,” said The Saint Paul Hotel’s Director of Operations.

At BizRecycling, we realize the importance of reusable dishes and other serviceware. One of the many ways businesses can use BizRecycling grant funding is to add a dishwasher and reusable dishes. In the case of The Saint Paul Hotel, they already had great reusable items. What they needed was help finding ways to recycle better.

In order to find out what was in the hotel’s waste stream, our Recycling Expert helped The Saint Paul Hotel conduct two waste sorts. After sorting through thousands of pounds of waste, it was time to act on the results. Knowing that most of the waste being generated was either compostable or recyclable, The Saint Paul Hotel set out to get the right commercial composting service in place.

Getting all of the compostable organic material possible out of the trash was of utmost importance to The Saint Paul Hotel, considering that doing so would account for over 70% of their waste stream. Wheeled bins make it easy for staff to move collected organics to the loading dock. Now the hotel is keeping an average of 30 tons of organic material out of the landfill every month.

 We also helped The Saint Paul Hotel make a few improvements to their single-sort recycling system. With the recycling improvements, organics collection and some intensive training for their staff, The Saint Paul Hotel is now estimated to be diverting 90% of their waste!

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