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Blog Post image - Grantee of the Week: H.B. Fuller

Grantee of the Week: H.B. Fuller

H.B. Fuller is a global innovator with its roots in adhesives. As part of their commitment to improve the lives of people around the world, H.B. Fuller took on the challenge to reduce the amount of materials leaving their facilities as trash. The waste reduction initiative began in 2016 when they first met with BizRecycling’s Recycling Expert, Minnesota Waste Wise, to identify opportunities for improved recycling and waste diversion, and continues today as they work to improve their organics recycling collection.

H.B. Fuller implemented organics recycling to significantly reduce the amount of material leaving their facilities as trash. They used their BizRecycling grant to purchase bins, signs, certified compostable products, and bin liners. “This is a project we were very committed to and it was nice to learn we could start without spending a bunch of money,” commented Adam Senart, with Facilities Management who has led the recycling initiatives. H.B. Fuller then added organics recycling pick-up services with their waste hauler, and launched the initiative to more than 500 employees across the two facilities.

H.B. Fuller communicated the new initiative with their employees and began to ensure compostable materials were used and disposed of properly throughout their facilities. The initiative continues to gain traction, and they are on track to divert over 20,000 pounds of compostable materials from the trash every year! Senart has also noticed an improvement in the collection of single-stream recyclables such as office paper, bottles, cans, and plastics. “We’re pleased with what we’ve been able to accomplish, but we also know this is an ongoing effort we can continue to improve on through the promotion and education of our organics recycling program.”

“Little by little everyone is catching on. It is something we need to continue working on, but the majority of our employees seem to really appreciate our recycling efforts.” – Adam Senart, Facilities Management

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