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Grantee of the Week: Gateway Trailside blog post image

GRANTEE OF THE WEEK: Gateway Trailside

Gateway Trailside is a food truck located between Lansing Ave and HWY 96 off the Gateway Trail at mile marker 15 in Stillwater/Grant area of Minnesota. Passionate about healthy food and improving the lives of others, owner and operator of Gateway Trailside, Tamra Hartman was having trouble finding a waste hauler that would service her remote location when she started. She met with our recycling experts because she wanted her food truck to begin recycling more materials and to start offering organics recycling at her business.

Tamra decided to move ahead with both starting recycling and composting services and worked with our recycling experts to identify needs to fully outfit an effective recycling and organics program. The BizRecycling grant was ultimately able to provide a six-month supply of certified compostable materials and a high-quality outdoor bin to help educate and guide her customers to make the right decision and recycle or compost when they can.

Gateway Trailside regularly serves up to 150 customers a day throughout the summer and their response to the environmental aspects of Tamra’s operation are much more positive. “Environmentally positive behavior is something that my customers value and deliberately seek out, so I’m happy that I can provide this.”

These changes at Gateway Trailside are expected to divert over 8,000 pounds of waste from the trash stream every season, the bulk of that coming from the new organics recycling activities. Tamra has also begun renting electric bicycles and will ensure to include these new recycling habits in all her future endeavors. “I love being able to tell my customers that everything I just handed them can go into the compost bin, we really don’t have much trash anymore.”


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