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Blog Post Graphic: Beyond the Recycle Bin

Got Waste? Beyond the Recycle Bin

So you’ve got the single sort recycling down at work, but what about all of those other things you need to get rid of? Cubical walls, ink cartridges, wood pallets, packing foam peanuts and that old computer – is it reuse, recycle or garbage? Here in Minnesota, we have a number of resources to help you decide what to do with your unwanted items. You might even be able to find a new business to use your unneeded items.

Rethink Recycling Business Guide

The Rethink Recycling Business Guide is a searchable directory that lists over 6,000 businesses in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area that take all sorts of waste, recycling and reusable items. You can search by location or material. Use the Recycling Business Guide to find where to safely recycle or dispose of waste.

Minnesota Material Exchange

Minnesota Materials Exchange is like craigslist, but aimed specially at businesses. This free service links businesses that have unwanted reusable goods to those who can use them. This reuse network helps prevent good materials from becoming trash and saves users money. Just this week, we found all sorts of cool items – office furniture, bubble wrap, and gallon jugs of rubbing alcohol. There was even a chocolate tempering machine to make beautiful candies. Some items are for sale, but many are offered for free.  Offer up your usable and unwanted items!

The Minnesota Materials Exchange is a program of the Minnesota Technical Assistance Program (MnTAP).

ReUSE Minnesota

Your unwanted items can help support Minnesota’s thriving reuse sector. ReUSE Minnesota is a local network, with a searchable directory, of businesses that repair, rent or sell used items. This a great place to find businesses to repair your broken items, or buy used or recycled materials. This will save you money and help support local entrepreneurs.


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